Powerful Impact of Grace in a Man's Life


Do you know what happens when grace separates a person?
Follow me to the book of Ruth Chapter 2; after Ruth returns from her first outing in the field of Boaz, she reports to her mother-in-law how Boaz had been kind to her. Here was the response of Naomi, her mother-in-law. "Why, GOD bless that man! GOD hasn't quite walked out on us after all! He still loves us, in bad times as well as good!" Ruth 2:21 (Message)

Do you know why she said that? Read along.  Here are two widows, in despair and desperate for help. They were just hoping to get by each day. However, Ruth's outing on that day changed everything; hence the statement from Naomi God has not entirely walked out on us. From that day onward, God's grace was set in motion, and Ruth moved from picking stalks of grain behind the harvesters to owning the field and path of the lineage of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I pray this will be your testimony. God will not walk out on you in Jesus' name. You may be down and in despair, oppressed and suppressed; God has not walked out on you, still loves you, and will redeem you from every unpleasant situation you may be in today in Jesus' name. May your outing this month be fulfilling and rewarding. Positive results all the way.

With that word of the scripture and prayers, I welcome you to June 2023, and this month, God will be gracious to you. There are three things that GRACE does for people. It Locates, Separates and Elevates. Thus I pray for you,
  • May the grace of God locate and position you where your blessings will find you this month
  • May the grace of God bring you out of obscurity and bring you out for glory
  • May the grace of God elevate you beyond your wildest imagination in Jesus' name.

When the grace of God locates and separates a man, nothing can stop that man from experiencing elevation. No man, dead or living, shall be able to stop you from being what God has destined you to be. As the Pharisees and the Chief Priest could not stop Jesus from rising from the Tomb, no one will be able to halt the purpose of God in your life.
In the book of 1 Samuel 16, God's grace located the House of Jesse, and when Samuel got there, God's grace separated David from his siblings. It did not matter that even though his father and mother forgot him, it did not matter that Prophet Samuel saw with his human eye and thought in his heart that Eliab was the chosen one; God's grace upon David came through for him. Beyond his father's house, it did not matter that Saul used all the forces he could muster to keep the kingship in his household; God still elevated David.

Dear Reader,  there is a place God is taking you to; he is promoting you and no forces of darkness, individual or institution shall be able to hold you down in Jesus' name. The Grace of God will uncover you from where the world has hidden you, the Grace of God will locate you wherever you may be, and the Grace of God will promote beyond your imagination. Amen.

You may use the below as a prayer guide for the month.

1. Worship the Lord for about twenty minutes daily and thank Him for his faithfulness in your life
2. The Bible says if we say we sin not, we are liars, and the truth is not in us. Ask God for forgiveness for known and unknown acts that could separate you from His grace.
3. Father, divinely intervene in my situation; let not the flood of life consume my family and me
4. Naomi and Ruth were hopeless, but God changed their stories. Father, restore hope to every desperate situation in my life
5. Father, from the beginning, you said let there be light, and there was light. Because you are the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow, I say, Let your light shine in every dark area of my life.
6. Father, as you did not allow David to miss his hour of glory, Father, take me to the place of my destiny. Do not let me be missing in my hour of Glory
7. When David appeared on the war front, every attempt was made to stop him from meeting Goliath, but the will of God prevailed. Father, let you will prevail over my life. Every plan from the pit of hell to hide me away on my day of glory shall fail in Jesus' name.
8. Father, you are the Way Maker; make way for me where there seems to be no way
9. Father, command my destiny helper to locate and help me in Jesus' name. You are the one that makes the way in the wilderness; make way for me, oh Lord.
10. The Red Sea hindered what the Lord wanted to do in the life of the children of Israel, but it later became the object of their testimony. Lord, whatever hinders my testimony, turn it around to the source of my testimony.

Have a grace-filled month.

Pastor Toks Balogun

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