For even the Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve...

Mark 10:45

Here at RCCG Rehoboth Assembly, we love to see people not only attend a service, but to engage in serving as well. According to the scriptures, God’s plan for the church  is to have functional groups so that everyone is fully equipped to serve one another and grow in grace. We believe in harnessing God’s special deposit in your life through our diverse  departments and ministry groups.
Our ministry groups will set you on a ‘path finding’ journey where you will not only discover God’s special deposits in you, but also are able to explore ways to put that gift to use through service, providing solutions and ministering comfort and joy to God’s people. That way, you too can be like that good and faithful servant who has multiplied his talent(s) to the glory of God the Father.

Please explore the different ministries listed below and let us know if you're interested in becoming part of the team. We believe that the active involvement of all members is essential to the success of our community

Please provide some information about yourself, and one of our team leaders will be in touch with you this week